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Sterling Silver Cube Flow Ring

Sterling Silver Cube Flow Ring

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Bluebell Lane Jewellery

All Bluebell Lane Jewellery pieces are handmade in Suffolk, using recycled 925 Sterling Silver.

This ring has been made using left over cubes of sterling silver. As they have been heated, you can see where the surface of each cube has started to melt, giving a lovely rippling effect, almost like a draped fabric.

Born as a way of encouraging freedom and spontaneity within my practice, F L O W is an evolving series of truly unique jewellery.
Being able to work in such a playful way is something that has always been important to me, and I am so excited to have encapsulated this through silver.
Each piece from this collection is made by melting down recycled and waste silver to create new designs with their own individual flow and character.
Each with their own story, each one of a kind.

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