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Anxiety Cards

Anxiety Cards

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Her Inner Glow

Printed on A7 (74 mm x 105 mm) 350gsm silk paper for a soft luxurious feel. 
Contains 35 cards in a deck. 
The cards come inside a printed tuck box for easy storage and protection. 

It's time to stop fighting or trying to control your anxiety with my new anxiety card deck.
My anxiety card deck has been created to help you to stop trying to fight or control your anxiety and instead help you to manage your anxiety and calm any anxious thoughts.
It contains 35 ocean themed coloured cards for the ultimate calming vibe that have a mix of gentle reminders and affirmations that are specifically for those who experience anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

By repeating supportive and encouraging statements, you'll learn to be more self-compassionate and have acceptance which will encourage you to be kinder to yourself when experiencing anxiety. 
After using my card deck, you will replace feelings of overwhelm and stress caused by anxiety with feelings of calm and comfort. 
It's perfect for you if you experience anxiety or struggle to manage it, find yourself worrying about things in advance or struggle with social anxiety.

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