In conversation with Mother Daughter Create

In conversation with Mother Daughter Create

From the archives, our 2022 interview with Suffolk artists Mother Daughter Create...

Meet our featured artists for July…Mother and daughter team, Maria and Lia, began their painting collaboration in lockdown, and have since created many bold and beautiful florals. Their style informally captures the shapes and feelings of florals in bloom, with a strong use of colour, they certainly bring about a feeling of joy. We asked both mother and daughter a few questions to get to know about their process.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and your affinity with Suffolk?
(M) Born and raised in Suffolk, we’ve even traced the female line back 200 years living in Suffolk, which was quite a surprise. 
Your painting style is quite different to graphic design, which is your other career. What do you enjoy about the contrast of the two ways of working and what first drew you to painting?
(M) Graphic design is about problem solving and working with a client to achieve a clear and unique communication. Painting is a freedom to explore creativity away from the computer. It is a challenge that I’m totally addicted too. 
Having begun this collaboration during lockdown, what have you enjoyed most about the creative process?
(L) I have enjoyed exploring different painting styles and the different ways you can compose a painting on a canvas.
Can you talk us through how you work together, are the artworks always collaborative or do you work on separate pieces that form collections?
(M) We work separately and come together to review the work on a daily basis and make any suggestions. 

What draws you to capture flora and do you have any favourites to paint?
Flowers provides an endless inspiration, from colour combinations, shape and texture . Something about Hydrangeas shape and structure that resonates with us and many collectors of our work.  

What artists, designers, movements or other creatives are inspiring you at the moment?
(M) Matisse is so inspiring, his use of colour, pattern and the relaxed style is a joy.
(L) Vintage botanical flora drawings.
Studio soundtrack…
My go to is Classic FM something relaxing and calming but will switch it up with radio 4 keeping update with current info. For Lia its Kiss FM every-time. 

Follow their creative ventures over on Instagram @motherdaughtercreate
//Images courtesy of Maria Fletcher//

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